Guelph Lab helping with our employee engagement

By Sam Laban The People Table had a problem to tackle – the City hadn’t performed well in the 2012 employee engagement survey. In 2014, some departments and service areas had made positive strides, but others had been less successful so the overall picture hadn’t actually changed all that much. “Must do better.” Agreed. So, where to start? The GuelphLab (which is … Read More

Introducing Jenny from the blog and an alien

By Jenny Smith Hi friends, I’m Jenny. Here’s my first blog. In it I will: talk about Lean Six Sigma – business improvement tools that originated in the manufacturing world share some of the tools involved and look at how they relate to municipal government What the Guelph is a SIPOC? The alien SIPOC descended on City Hall room 112 … Read More

Tools from the tables – customer journey mapping

By Suzanne Holder The Citizen First/Customer Service round table has been learning about root cause analysis, problem-solving and approaching service design to keep our citizens top of mind. Our table experienced a real aha moment with customer journey maps. It was time to shift gears from training and planning to learning by doing. We decided to look for colleagues interested … Read More

How to make better coffee – try BPM

By Katherine Gray If you Google BPM you will find that there are many definitions of BPM but one of the most straight forward, I have found, is by Paul Harmon of Business Process Trends, he defined BPM as a management discipline focused on improving corporate performance by managing a company’s business processes. For example: Imagine you have walked into … Read More

Quotes from real people doing real work

The best way to explain the round table experience is to get the people doing the work to tell you. — Question: Why did you choose to come on the round table? Coming directly from the private sector, it was different coming to the public sector.  Some things shocked me, so when the opportunity came, I went for it, for … Read More

Group of 22 challenging and changing how we lead

By Kerry Pletch Here’s the short version: 2012 employee engagement identified a problem area A diagonal slice of employees (across the organization and from all positions) came together They were joined by the participants of a CAO round table looking at similar issues Together they further defined the problem Proposed a solution Helped to implement Here’s the story: City employees … Read More

How by-law staff have recently been creating and doing bylaw reviews differently

On April 22, 2015, at a meeting to introduce the idea of roundtables to Corporate Leaders, Doug Godfrey, Manager Bylaw Compliance, Security and Licensing, shared how by-law staff have recently been creating and doing bylaw reviews differently. They have started using staff-community round tables in their processes. Prior to this, bylaw staff worked on their own or with other City … Read More

The 12th table

Everything we’re doing today is built from yesterday’s experience. What can’t we learn from ourselves? Our mistakes and our failures are often more important than our home runs. We have 11 proposed round table topics that cover issues and opportunities across the organization. It’s not everything, but it’s much of it. We’re talking about doing things differently, which incidentally and … Read More