We wanted people’s brains – but not in a zombie kind of way – and we got them.

We held three events on May 13 and 14 at the Best Western and 21 travelling road shows at different City locations on the day and at the time that worked best for the participating employees.

What we were trying to do

The two types of events were intended to mirror each other with three key elements:

  1. Explain the round table topics and process
  2. By topic, discover ideal state for that area of work – e.g. what would the perfect budget process look like in Guelph
  3. By topic, find out how to get there and what’s in the way

Engagement by the numbers

events in 2015 at the Best Western
employee facilitators
travelling road shows
Full-time employees engaged – an excellent turnout given the short notice
approximate employees participated
want to stay connected with the tables
want to support or sit on a table
completed evaluation forms