The travelling road shows were limited by operational realities and time available. We worked to explain the tables and explore the most relevant table topics based on the direction of the employees at the road show.

What we heard about the events and road shows:

  • Regardless of the event attended the vast majority of people came because the want to help improve City services
  • Important comments/highlights to consider (not in any order):
    • Satisfaction levels at the May 13 and 14 events were high
    • The road shows were not as highly rated – though only 13% were unsatisfied with the event overall.
    • In four of six questions, satisfaction levels were significantly higher for May 13 and 14 event participants than road show participants
    • Managers in the room can still have an effect on discussion. Interestingly, leaders who took part in the conversation were less likely to inhibit opinions than were managers who stood apart and watched.
    • We aren’t remotely uniform in how we communicated these events through to the front-lines – some had no idea what the meeting was they were walking into.
    • Email worked better for City Hall staff and leader communication is essential for other City locations
    • Participants wanted more time to learn about the activity – more pronounced with the road show participants




Where did we go?