If we were completely successful in this round table process, solved the issues and capitalized on the opportunities,

how would our people be supported and celebrated at the City of Guelph?

Our people are our employees, elected officials and volunteers. Our people are our greatest asset. We want to make sure they have the support they need to do remarkable work for our community. They want to be recognized for their contributions, trained to be even better and compensated for their work.

Our people are diverse and they are leaders with great ideas. Diversity is about acknowledging and recognizing that no two people experience the world in the same fashion; we are all unique. There are small and big ways we can recognize, accommodate and celebrate that diversity.

We need to shift our thinking to enable people to use their skills, grow in our organization, communicate with each other and be well. We need to consider our people practices, our unions, our recruitment strategies and our organizational structure.

After two engagement surveys in 2012 and 2014 we continue to have relatively low levels of employee engagement. And after a recent restructuring we’ll have to work even harder to build a sense of community among and across our teams.

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