Quotes from real people doing real work

The best way to explain the round table experience is to get the people doing the work to tell you.

Question: Why did you choose to come on the round table?

Coming directly from the private sector, it was different coming to the public sector.  Some things shocked me, so when the opportunity came, I went for it, for the chance to speak up and not be penalized for it.  I wanted to understand why things happened the way they do.  I think that for the time I have been working on the People Round Table, it has been a lot of work, but also very fulfilling.  At the end of the day, you hope that everyone will feel the positive impact of what the round table has done.

I appreciate the passion that everyone brings to the table.  We are all very busy, but come to the table, there is really active participation at the meetings, no one is above anyone else, we all voice our opinions respectfully and this has been very profound to me.

Adedotun Ogunkoya
At the City: Information Technology project manager
With the round tables: co-lead of the people table

Question: What were some of the reasons why you choose to participate in the PRT? What would you like to get out of it?

I work in Govt. because I sincerely believe we can make things better for the community we live in. having spent a couple of years in the city, I was dismayed with the level of low morale in some work areas. Interviewing some members of some work areas, the disparity between the treatments of the staff shocked me.

I am really impressed with the way people contribute and passionate about wanting to make changes.

The commitment of the CAO is amazing. She is fully committed and putting in her best to make things better for the staff.

We are following a human centered design process to identify trust and accountability-we will get there soon.

Rodrigo Goller
At the City: Community engagement coordinator
With the round tables: co-lead of the people table

This is what I think represents my feelings towards the topic of Round Tables at the City.

At first it was encouraging to hear the City’s initiative, starting the solution-focused round tables. Now that I have had the opportunity to participate. I am pleased to see the switch to a citizen first focused style of service.  I am excited to be a part of the positive changes this strategy can provide. I think this is a promising direction to be headed as a Corporation.

Garrett Meades
At the City: Service Guelph customer service representative
With the round tables: customer journey mapping

The round table is a great way for frontline staff to be involved in reviewing and developing new practices/processes – especially in customer service. Being asked for this type of input, and given a voice, is encouraging for staff to know that their knowledge is valued. Rather than executing decisions after they have been made, this is an excellent opportunity to be a part of the change.

Leah Parolin
At the City: Service Guelph customer service representative
With the round tables: customer journey mapping