The 12th table

Everything we’re doing today is built from yesterday’s experience. What can’t we learn from ourselves? Our mistakes and our failures are often more important than our home runs.

We have 11 proposed round table topics that cover issues and opportunities across the organization. It’s not everything, but it’s much of it. We’re talking about doing things differently, which incidentally and fittingly is often how we do things at the City of Guelph.

So we have a 12th table. It’s where we reflect, where we feel bad for people who don’t learn from their mistakes – because that’s not us. It’s where we share how we invented the wheel.

Our mistakes are embraced as the opportunities they are.

We respect those mistakes just as we are modest about our wins.

This forum is safe. It’s not a place to complain or snipe from behind the bushes. It’s a place to record what has worked well or not and share. It’s a place to share problems and solutions.

All we want to do is serve the people and do it better every day.

The 12th table will help us get there.

Please share your stories here. You’ve built wheels, lots of them. Let’s not build them more than once.